Charbonnel Stud Dogs

I have always believed that to own a stud dog who would be used publicly one has to be honest and above all very responsible. My dogs are only lightly used, which I am perfectly happy about. This is a hobby, a passion, not a business, for me. My dogs do not pay their way, never have , and I would never expect them to. My pleasure is derived from owning and sharing my time with beautiful animals who ask for nothing but love and attention , both of which I can give to them unstintingly . 

I cannot deny however that I derive great pleasure from seeing those few pups that my dogs DO produce doing well in the ring, and also from hearing of healthy litters by my dogs giving their breeders so much pleasure too.

With that in mind I confidently offer my dogs at stud, and if anyone would like to discuss the pedigrees or qualities of the dogs at any time I am happy to have a chat about them.

They all have pedigrees which include some of the best, most well-known dogs of their time, not necessarily Champions, but dogs which fit the standard and are typical, cobby cocker spaniels.

All my dogs are Optigen A1 ( Clear/Normal ) and are hip-scored with scores around or below the BMS. They all have sound temperaments and strong patellas. 

During the development of the test for Familial Nephropathy I was asked by the team at Texas A & M to submit blood and buccal swabs from all my dogs to help with their research, as I had a suspected carrier and also European bloodlines in my kennel. This I gladly did, and I am pleased to say that the dogs offered at stud at my kennel are all tested clear for Familial Nephropathy.

Their general qualities include strong bone, neat feet, short loin and width over quarters and width through the thigh. They are all short below the hock. 

In their own conformation I believe the dogs own personal qualities are : 


CHARBONNEL DOUBLE DUTCH - ‘Harry’ - Golden: Excels in head balance, depth of muzzle, definition of stop. Excellent pigment. Good eye shape. Super forechest development ,good length of blade and upper arm, excellent depth and spring of rib, strong loin, great width of thigh and over hip. Tail straight off croup. Neat feet. Suits bitches who lack substance or have poor heads. Very loyal, sweet tempered, always first in and first out!!

CHARBONNEL ROULETTE –‘ Bryan’ – Black : He has his mothers head, shorter muzzle, well-defined stop, high brow. Not as strong in the body as Double Dutch, suits bitches which are maybe a bit ‘dumpy’, or short of neck or height on the leg. He excels in neck and angulation, having really well-laid fine shoulders, excellent length and return of upper arm, and the smallest, neatest feet. He has good rib spring, but is not as deep or mature in body as Double Dutch, but he is not fine, just more stream-lined! He did have a very heavy coat as a youngster, and because he is just 2 months older than Warlord, who had such a great coat to do, I’m afraid Bryan was clipped off early. Nevertheless, he is still VERY black….. He is very sweet natured and quiet, loves cuddles and carrying toys, has an excellent ‘mouth’ with game.

CHARBONNEL WAR HERO - JACK is a sweet-natured boy who is very similar in proportions and head properties to his famous father SH. CH. CHARBONNEL WARLORD. He excels in neck and lay-back of shoulder, with strong bone and great stature and personality. He exudes stallion quality, and produces bold, quality pups with excellent angulation and depth. His first show prospect get look very promising...

CHARBONNEL DUTCH TOUCH - JOHNNY. Owned in partnership with the Hanson family in Belgium, where he lives. He is a litter brother to Harry, he is FN clear and Optigen tested clear for prcd PRA. He was also hip-scored here, and his score is 3:3. He is producing short, cobby sweet-natured pups and is confidently offered at stud. Please contact Danny/Sabine/Carol Hanson for more details :


Desi is our latest young star and we are very proud of his achievements in the ring to date. He has been lightly used as a puppy, being very 'mature', and we are looking forward to his pups. His temperament is second-to-none, and he is developing a beautiful, straight coat. He has excellent angulation and really big ribs and wide quarters, and we hope he has a bright future both in the ring and as a producer, being the result of an out-cross, and having some 'classic' English and Swedish dogs in his pedigree.


Tony was bred in Sweden by Monica Forsander of the Manacas kennel,and we are both proud and honoured to have him with us in our small, select kennel.He will be available to well-bred bitches once he has been proven by us. He will sire blues and oranges. His pedigree and development can be followed on his page, along with photos of his relatives.



'Joe' is our most recent acquisition from Monica, from her 'ABBA' litter, he is a very red youngster, with a silky texture to his feathering and the most wonderful outgoing yet peaceful nature. He is by a real favourite of mine, and I'm sure he will prove very useful in my breeding programme and to others who are looking for a short, cobby individual .He is a proven stud dog with all his health clearances.



'Timmy ' was one of a very even and promising litter from Tony and C.Pinny 'n' Pearls. He began his show life as a very woolly brown bear (!!) but now has a glorious black coat and an abundance of feathering. He is an outgoing showman who has mated his first bitches and his pups are awaited with interest.....He has excellent angulation, ribs and bone, and would suit cobby bitches who perhaps don't have the joie d' vivre needed for the show ring, as he has it in abundance.!!!!


I have written the above to help you to see what I think of them, I am by no means trying to ‘sell’ them to anyone. I am very critical of my dogs, but have chosen not to list any criticisms of them. There are plenty of folk ‘out there’ more than willing to do that for me!!!! Suffice to say that NO dog is perfect, all have their faults, but if you can recognize their faults then you are more than halfway there…….how can you improve your bloodlines if you cannot at least face the truth and recognize the negative qualities of your dogs ???  

Type, Health and Temperament, and not necessarily in that order, are paramount if the breed is to remain strong. If you can undertake to ensure your breeding dogs are healthy by using all the science which is out there at the moment, then you have tackled 33% of those requirements. Please do your best to test your bitches, so that by using dogs of an equal or better status you are ensuring a healthy future at least for our favourite breed…….the Cocker Spaniel.

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