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Mine is a small hobby show kennel where the aim is to breed and exhibit good quality, healthy dogs of my chosen breeds and because of the relatively small number of dogs kept I do have a waiting list for pups or youngsters. This is not a list kept in any order, but merely one listing preferences etc.

If you are a person or family looking for a pet (COCKER, BEAGLE OR PBGV)  and you think you would like to know more about my dogs then I will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you as much as I can.  Please click here for news of any available pups or youngsters.

For SHOW PUP enquiries please email or phone me: 0791 9911779.

We will only sell pups for show if we consider them worthy, you may have to wait but we would hope to make it worth your while to be patient…..

All our dogs are subjected to Health tests as below, which we feel are important, but which our Kennel Club presently does not ask for, unless breeders seek Accreditation under their scheme, for which there is a fee to subscribe. I am NOT an accredited breeder, from choice.

Cockers : OptiGen DNA tests for prcd PRA, DNA tests for Familial Nephropathy, clinical eye tests and hip –scoring.

PBGV : Clinical eye-tests for POAG and PRA (recommended by the BGV Club, and subsidised by them on the first test)

Deerhounds : Liver shunt tested (Deerhound Club requirement) and Factor V11 screened.

I prefer to chat than write, so if you can phone me during the day that is better for me and also ensures that any concerns/ questions you have are dealt with promptly.

As I do not breed on a large scale, there is a distinct possibility that you may have to wait awhile before I would be able to provide you with a puppy. If you cannot wait I will do my best to help you find someone in your area who is a member of the Cocker Spaniel Club, the BEAGLE CLUB or ASSOCIATION, or the BGV Club, who would be able to help you.

If you prefer to email me with your details, can you please help me by giving me the following information:

·        Your name and phone no.;

·        Where you live;

·        How far you would be prepared to travel to view a puppy?;

·        What colour / sex of puppy you would prefer ? (Second choice of colour always a good idea);

·        If you are looking for a hound puppy, whether you have had previous experience with a hound or hounds.

·        If you have children, their ages; I do NOT sell pups to people with toddlers, or as presents. Older children have to be seen to have an understanding of how to treat a puppy and to be able to handle one satisfactorily.

I cannot always promise to write back immediately, so please be patient......finding the right dog is always worth taking a little bit of time over. When I reply with a phone number or two for breeders in your area, this by no means constitutes any kind of guarantee or recommendation as to the quality or health of the pups available.

While I will endeavour to send you contacts for fellow breeders who eye-test and hip-score their dogs, this is not a pre-requisite enforced by our Kennel Club, therefore not all breeders make use of the schemes.

 It is up to you to satisfy yourself as to the suitability or otherwise of the puppies you view. I do stress however that you should be wary of purchasing a puppy from an outlet that sells some or all of the TOP TEN breeds (Cavaliers, Westies, Yorkies, Poodles, Labradors, Pugs etc,) or even the ‘designer mongrels’ like labradoodles, cockerpoos where you do not see the mothers / relatives of the youngsters and where you are offered 'alternative' registration documents i.e. not KC documents, or none at all.

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