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It is important to remember that serious,caring exhibitors and breeders like myself do not keep their dogs as a commercial venture,and therefore do not breed to produce puppies purely to sell ,but prefer firstly to put their time and energy into ensuring that their dogs (and potential parents of their puppies) are typical of the breed by fulfilling the requirements of the breed standard,with excellent temperaments and health clearances. 

We put quality first,with diversity of coat colour not playing any importance.I DO NOT BREED FOR COLOUR !!! I do not pander to any trends or 'fashions' and will never breed the sable coat pattern (or it's various connatations) .

PLEASE be very careful about where you purchase your new family member,there are many 'puppy farmers' who regularly advertise on the internet,they are not all just supplying pet 'supermarkets'......if you are unsure how to find a good quality puppy contact the Kennel Club for the name of your local Cocker Spaniel Breed Club secretary.He/she will be able to recommend a good breeder in your area. Be VERY careful about seeing the puppy where he/she was bred - there are puppies being shipped in from Eastern European countries which are dying in their new homes.!!!


 JULY 2017 

I presently have a quality BEAGLE puppy available to a loving,permanent home.He is tri-colour,very bonny with an outgoing,happy temperament.He is K.C.registered,vaccinated,microchipped,wormed fortnightly,insured and superbly reared. Beagles make great pets for active families and of course have low maintenance coats compared to some dogs.

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 We have plans afoot for particolour and solid pups later this year,with the best of them to be made available for showing homes to experienced exhibitors.

As is our policy, all pups will be bred from parents of the highest health-tested status possible currently,and of course with excellent temperaments.

If you wish to register potential interest in a puppy please do not hesitate to contact me. 

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I am a Kennel Club Assured Breeder and have been awarded the 'Accolade of Excellence' for my contribution to the breed over the years,so you can always be assured

that every care is taken to ensure that my pups are ready for their future lives with their new owners.

If you wish to know more then please do not hesitate to call me or email me,as below,provided none of the situations below apply to your home situation :


1) There is no-one at home during the day to care for your puppy,housetrain and feed him/her.


2) You have very small children who cannot be guaranteed to treat the puppy with respect.


3) You are not prepared to devote the time needed to train,exercise,and,in the case of cockers,groom,bath and trim your puppy/dog.







 EMAIL : sandycharbonnel@aol.com / charbonneldogs@aol.com 

PHONE/TEXT : 0791 9911779 (10 am to 6 pm)





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