Promising Pups

The following photos illustrate what I look for in a 7 or 8 week old puppy when evaluating whether or not it will make a likely show/breeding prospect. In the main you will see that they are all "sturdy"


Am. Ch. Charbonnel High 'N' Dry - Rory at 8 weeks. Now in the USA producing champions.
Charbonnel Kiss 'N' Cuddle - Mavis - at 8 weeks. Rory's litter sister and Buffy's dam.
Charbonnel Looks Familiar at 8 weeks. Sold as a pet as I had too many dogs to show.

Charbonnel Sail On.- Jake - at 7 weeks. Litter brother to Charbonnel Set Sail. Set Sail went to Holland and sired the black bitch Tripols Pivit for Lea Bogers-Dam, who last year produced my " Dutch " litter.


Charbonnel Short 'N' Sweet - Nora - at 8 weeks, she is behind Mavis and Buffy.
Sh. Ch. Charbonnel Fair Cher - my beautiful Jill - at 8 weeks. Her head looks a little strange in this photo as a hen was walking under the table as the photo was being taken and she was trying to watch it !!
Sh. Ch. Charbonnel Mr. Sheen - Barry - at 8 weeks. Son of Jill and every bit a male, but with the most wonderful kind temperament. A special dog for many reasons. Now in Spain.
Sh. Ch. Charbonnel Sugar Plum - Nina - at 8 weeks. Now 12 years old and never been to the vets in her life .A bitch who came to her best at 4 years old. Dam of Sh. Ch. Charbonnel Warlord.
Charbonnel Girls 'N' Pearls - Buffy - at 8 weeks. The 'shampoo guzzler' !!!!! When she's clean she's very, very clean, but when she's black she's horrid !!!

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