Charbonnel Overseas

Here are photos and details of Charbonnel cockers overseas. Click on any picture to show their full details & pedigree.

Charbonnel All's Fair

LUX.Ch Charbonnel Carolette Charbonnel Colonel 

Int. Ch, Lux. Ch. Swiss Ch. & Fr. Ch. Charbonnel Desert Gold

Charbonnel Fair Trade Port. & Mon. Ch.

Charbonnel Glenlarry

Charbonnel Glenmartin Charbonnel Gold Leaf Charbonnel Heart Throb

Charbonnel Jim Jams

Charbonnel Jingles Jewel

Charbonnel Leonette

SU(u)CH Charbonnel Manacas Design

Charbonnel Marinette Charbonnel Ooh La La

Charbonnel Schumaker

Charbonnel Suzette

Charbonnel Swedish Hero

Charbonnel Swedish Model Charbonnel War Dance Charbonnel War Games

Charbonnel Warpaint   Charbonnel Warplay

Charbonnel Blue 'N'" Yellow Charbonnel Grace'n'Favour   Malaysian Ch. Charbonnel Cowboys 'n' Kisses at Hacienda

Am. Ch. Charbonnel

High 'N' Dry

Charbonnel Hop 'N' Skip

Charbonnel Hugs 'n' Kisses

Charbonnel Jim 'n' Tonic Charbonnel Kiss 'n' Cousins Am. Ch.
Charbonnel Sun 'n' Air

Italian Ch.

Charbonnel Storm 'n' Norman

Malaysian Ch. Charbonnel
Prim'n'Proper at Saffyireis
Charbonnel Rob 'n' Hood

Mariam Ram's Three Charbonnel's

Chelsea, Polo & Mindy