Charbonnel Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen


My first experience of this lovely breed came when I watched Champion Afterglow Woody Woodpecker winning a Hound Group at a championship show, and I decided that one day in the future I would like to own one. When I heard that Mike and Gavin had a litter by Woody I expressed an interest in a bitch puppy, and I was lucky enough to be able to buy Garbo.


"See how they show dogs in the States"

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See how they show dogs in the States!


I'm so thrilled that my Tommy won his 3rd C.C., and Champion title, today at Border Union under Mr. George Johnston, the well-respected hound judge. Thanks must go to Gavin and Sara for their help and advice and to Mr. A Mackenzie and Mrs. Zola Rawson who gave him his 1st and 2nd C.C.'s respectively. I am So proud of him.

Champion Charbonnel Tom Cruise

The Basset Griffon Vendeen Championship show and I was SO nervous....not about the showing (Tommy was 3rd in Junior) but because I had booked all 3 of my PBGV's (Garbo and her 2 progeny) in for their eye-tests. The FULL MONTY, Gonioscopy too, for Primary Open Angle Glaucoma. I needn't have been worried though, all 3 passed without a problem, Professor Bedford even said that Doris had ' beautiful eyes' !!...

Starting in a new breed is hard enough, so to know that at least my foundation stock are clear of hereditary problems, for now, gives me more confidence to continue. Thanks must go to all those breeders of the dogs in their pedigrees who have worked so hard to make the breed what it is today...

Thanks, and CONGRATULATIONS especially, to Gavin and Sara. They took BIS both breeds with Ch. Soletrader Dunc'n' Disorderly, (Tommy and Doris's sire) and both RCC's with his progeny S. Donald Duck and Limier Bourbonne at S.

Pictured below are 2 of Tommy's progeny, out of Soletrader Maid Marion, who are going abroad to new show homes.

Soletrader Lucy Lastic is going to Holland .....

and Soletrader Willy Wonker is going to Finland.





30th May saw us at Bath championship show with the hoodlums !! Both of them won their junior classes and behaved very well for babies, so I was very proud of them. Photos show Tommy stepping out and Doris, for once, standing still....


Doris & Tommy

It was a great day in more than one way- my friend Jamie Robertson (AbacoIsle) from the USA is working over here and she came to the show....(and took the photos) Gavin and Sara won the Bitch C.C. and BoB with their puppy Buffy, so pleased for you........ Perfect weather, good company and jaunty ,cheeky PBGV's, who could ask for more.....??

Marco is now in his new home as a cherished pet, but I think he is still worthy of a mention on our page in this show stance and beautiful head study. He is very mature at 10 months I think.......

Tommy ended his Puppy career under Miss C. Gutherless at Birmingham by winning Best Puppy Dog.....Doris had to stay at home ,as she may have distracted a few males, being 2 days into her first season.........

We had a wonderful day at the Breed Club Show under judge Elaine King, when Doris won BEST PUPPY IN BREED and then BEST PUPPY IN SHOW over the GBGV puppy and then Tommy won RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW. The Grand judge was Mr. Gavin Robertson. Photos show Doris at the show, and Tommy at home the next day.

Doris & Tommy

I have also featured a photo of their sire, Ch. Soletrader Dunc'n'Disorderly, to show how he has stamped his type on them..........

Ch. Soletrader Dunc'n'Disorderly


I really enjoyed my first Crufts as a PBGV breeder, especially as our puppy dog Charbonnel Tom Cruise won the Puppy Dog class!!  He behaved impeccably as always, thanks Tommy!!

The PBGV's made their debut at SYHS Open show and what fun we had, Hannah and I!! Hannah did a superb job of handling her hound for the first time at a show, and we were very proud that Doris won 2nd in the breed puppy class, and 1st in the AV Minor Puppy class, while Tommy won a 5th and then a 2nd to his sister in the MP class. They both behaved really well, travelled well and loved every minute- what more could we want ?
'andsome is as 'andsome does .....................'


Charbonnel Doris Day  & Charbonnel Tom Cruise


Charbonnel Tom Cruise & Charbonnel Mark Time

Charbonnel Doris Day

Garbo is doing her pups so well, they are very content and quiet ....  Maybe in the next photos they will be standing and have their eyes open - watch this space!! 

Photo is of Garbo with her 4 day old pups. She has been the most caring, careful mother, such a change from the little rascal that we know and love !

Six fat puddings growing everyday ........two bitches and four dogs. Our GSD guards the whelping room as though these babes were his own, he is SO proud of them !!


DoB: 27/5/04

 Breeders Assistant HTML Pedigree
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
Ch. Soletrader Dunc 'N' Disorderly Ch. Dehra Ypres of BondleaCh. Jomil ZadokInt. Ch. Salto De Crislaure of Morebess
Jomil Reverie
Ch. Dehra LaliqueCh. Jomil Rigolo
Varon Ulema
Willowbrae Belbrook N Candle for AfterglowGer. Ch. Nil Des Vignes Du PuitsJeff
Jessie Des Vignes Du Puits
Clunebrae Kikimora of FamecliffCh. Tangaer Creme Caramel
Dehra Eminence at Clunebrae
Afterglow Greta Garbo at Charbonnel Ch. Afterglow Woody Woodypecker Ch. Famecliff Chemin De Fer for AfterglowFamecliff Fourquett
Dehra Guinevere of Famecliff
Debucher Merdeuse for AfterglowHelensfield Orateur De Debucher
Dehra Eminence at Clunebrae
Afterglow Reet PetitMorebess Elan De Baune (Imp)DKCH Morebess Uron De Saumur
Morebess Germaine De La Rochelle
Dehra ParisCh. Chantalle's Asticot at Dehra
Dehra Giselle


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