Charbonnel Deerhounds


Back in 1993 I decided to take the plunge and buy a bitch of the breed I had always admired but never felt 'ready' for - a deerhound. A complete contrast to  the cockers, with their shaggy, harsh coat, I ended up buying 2 bitches from Glenis Peach at the Kilbourne  kennel.

Below, you will see Kilbourne Matilda at Charbonnel, who was the first of the 2 bitches to hit the show ring. She did exceptionally well for me, being my first attempt at showing a deerhound, and, besides many other awards, she won 4 Reserve C.C.'s and Best bitch in the Breed Club's prestigious Open show in Aviemore in 1997, under Mr. David Murray.

Unfortunately, Tilly proved to be barren, but she is still enjoying life to the full as a pet!!

Kilbourne Matilda at Charbonnel

My other Kilbourne bitch was Quartz, from the 'q' litter which contained champions Quantum and Quebee. She did very well in the show ring, winning many Post Grad classes and always being 'in the cards', but she much preferred the outdoor shows and therefore was not shown extensively. She has produced two lovely litters for me however, and I do hope to have another from her later in 2000.

Kilbourne Quartz of Charbonnel


Quartz's second litter, by Acier Silver Smith of Charbonnel contained the lovely young bitch Charbonnel Ballad, now a Finnish Champion. She is owned by Eija Kaipainen and her sister Tuija of the Sheerclever Cockers, and shown by Eija. Her wins are as follows........

May 99 in Helsinki, C.C.  judge : Mrs Margaret Everton (UK)
July 99 in Hameenlinna, C.C. judge : Miklos Levente (Hungary)
July 99 in Helsinki, BIS, BIS Junior, BIS - head + expression, BIS - movement,
Finnish Scottish Deerhound Clubs Club Show,  judge : Mrs Denise Courtney (UK)
November 99 in Hollala, BoB, judge : Zafra Sirik (Israel)
January 2000 in Turku, C.C + Champion title, judge :Mr Javier Blanco (Spain)
May 2000 in Helsinki, BoB + 4th in the Group, judge: Mr. Alain Campagne (France)

Int. Champion Charbonnel Ballad


From Quartz's first litter came Charbonnel Allusive, dam of my latest pups 'Rhona' was kindly loaned to be by her 'mum' Stella Chadwick when Quartz lost a litter in her 7th week of pregnancy and the vet said she may never produce a litter again. She was mated to Elaine Harper's Pharcourse Cadge and produced a lovely litter of 5 pups; I kept a dog, Cappi, and a bitch, Corrie.

Corrie's first show was Bath Championship Show 2000, when she amazed us all by winning the Reserve bitch C.C. at 6 months and 8 days of age, under Zena Thorn-Andrews, and Best Puppy in Breed. The photo shows me, still in shock, with Corrie and the judge. Since Bath show, Corrie has continued to win well, and her brother has excelled himself with Best Puppy Dog at Border Union and 2nd in Puppy at Blackpool.

Photo of Charbonnel Corrie and me and the judge at Bath
Following a quiet winter with no shows, Corrie came out at Birmingham International 2001 and won my first Deerhound C.C. and B.o.B , ably handled by Mike Wildman. (I was handling Warlord to B.o.B. under Howard Jones in the Cocker ring !!).

What a thrill to be present in both Hound and Gundog groups with my 2 home - bred youngsters. Corrie went one better than Frankie and she was short listed by Andrew Brace. Not bad for an 18 month old deerhound !!


CHARBONNEL CORRIE (21/11/99 - 30/12/01)
Two weeks later Corrie won Junior Bitch at Crufts under Sue Piggott.

On the 30th of December 2001 I lost Corrie to gastric torsion. My vet did all he could for her, but she lost her fight for life.

Her death has left a great void......she was a ' once in a lifetime ' dog , she had an enthusiasm for life and all it threw at her which was unbelievable, and she was loved and admired by all who met her. I still have her brother Cappi, and I intend to show him lightly in 2002, now that he has recovered from losing his 'soulmate', and I hope one day to buy another bitch with which to carry on my now depleted deerhound line.



Charbonnel Cappi R.C.C
This is Charbonnel Cappi, Corrie's litter brother, who I have decided to show again. 

Exciting news. I have Charbonnel Allusive, one of the first deerhound bitches I bred, back with me for a short time, and she is in whelp to Champion Rosslyn Highlander. Allusive whelped my beautiful Corrie who died so young last year, and although I know there will never be another one like her, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a lovely bitch with whom to carry on my line. Grateful thanks to Stella and Nell for all your help  - I couldn't have got this far without you !

The pups have arrived.

Rhona pictured here with her 4 pups by Ch. Rosslyn Highlander at 2 weeks of age.

Rhona's pups, aged 4 weeks, resting after terrorising their mums legs and tail !!

Daphne, Dilys, Dougie, Duncan

The deerhound pups are growing fast and loving at seven and a half weeks.
Charbonnel Daphne


Charbonnel Dilys


At long last I can feature my latest bitch pups Charbonnel Daphne and Charbonnel Dilys ..... I'm hoping they will help me maintain the type I have grown to love in this lovely breed.......they have grown since these photos were taken !!  Hannah is the expert handler in this case !!
Here are some up-to-date photos of ' the girls ' taken at the deerhound Club show in April 2003 . Both bitches have changed since then even, but photo shoots are few and far-between with these two !!
Charbonnel Daphne

Charbonnel Dilys

Charbonnel Dilys


I would like to thank Dale and Denise for giving Dilys a loving home. It has been one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make in letting her go, but I have to think of her and her quality of life and it is obvious from the photos that she is already getting more exercise than I could ever have managed lately with my crumbling knees.....

This is a head study of Eli, Cappi and Dilys' young son who is now in Finland with Eija Kaipainen, who has shown Charbonnel Ballad so successfully to so many champion titles.......We are already missing him, he was a real larger than life character, but we have maintained an interest in him, and hope to be able to go over and see him shown in the future. Good luck Eija with your new 'Scottish Treasure'!

Here's an untouched photo of Cappi at 5 years old, all ready for his trip to Border Union Championship show on the 20th June. I think he's at his best now........


This year two of my dear deerhound bitches have died, both prematurely, leaving a void that cannot be filled. Quartz and Rhona, mother and daughter, have left us , luckily neither suffered a long illness, rather they were both given sleep to prevent further suffering.

Without these two bitches I would not have had the pleasures that their 4 litters gave me, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for that.

My thanks also go to Stella, who allowed me to have the two litters from Rhona, thus producing the 3 remaining hounds Cappi, Daphne and Dilys, who I have now. Without Stella’s kindness I would not have had the opportunity to carry on in the breed…..

Thank you Quartz and Rhona, for the beautiful legacy you have left me.