OptiGen prcd-PRA Reference List

Working Cocker List:

Do you have cockers that are already tested by OptiGen? Would you be interested in putting your Clear (A/A1 ) or Carrier (B/B1) dogs & bitches on a reference register? 

Each cocker can be featured with a photo, Sire & Dam's details, owners email and/or mobile/cell phone.  NO addresses or land-line telephone numbers will be given (for security reasons).  If the dogs/bitches are hip scored then those details can be added along with any other health screening results.

This list is not meant as anything more than a reference tool for those out there who want to find a dog who also has the added bonus of prcd-PRA clearance by OptiGen, or to see results for pedigree research purposes ... It is not meant to set anyone apart, but hopefully will encourage those who haven't dipped their toes into the water to take the plunge ...

I have taken the decision to add B/B1/Carrier dogs and bitches to the list so that these animals are not excluded unnecessarily. They still have their place in a PROGRESSIVE breeding programme if the owners and breeders act responsibly and test all resultant progeny from such animals when mated. Do not forget that 2 carrier animals can produce clear progeny, so don't assume if you have an A1 ,Normal/Clear animal that the parents are clear too.

I am only prepared to give advice regarding breeding where any enquiry involves my own dogs. I cannot, and will not, give any reassurances with regard to dogs/bitches from another kennel. Any enquiries about other peoples dogs MUST be directed to the kennel in question please. A responsible breeder should be only too willing to show you certificates etc. to prove their dogs health status.

It is important to consider the legal implications when breeding from carrier or affected  animals in these days of litigation and easy access to knowledge on the internet by the general public.  A known carrier puppy should be placed very carefully, with a full explanation of the implications involved if the new owners had considered breeding, and preferably with restrictions placed on the K.C. registration (applies to the U.K.). These restrictions must be brought to the attention of the intended purchaser prior to sale. These known carriers can very soon 'disappear' once sold, and then the problem of PRA in the cocker is just perpetuated, which defeats the object of testing in the first place......! 

Not tested yet ??....here's a link to the OptiGen site - if you don't understand what's required email Sandy, Chris, or Carol (for Europe excluding UK) for confidential help...."

Learn about the inheritance of PRA on this interactive Kennel Club site..... For information about Genes and mutations in simple, easy to understand terms please visit: Vetgen Gene Map

Click here to read OptiGen's press release from June 2005

Owners details are listed in alphabetical order, please contact the owners for further information.  Male dogs photos are in blue and female dogs are shown in pink!

Cocker Spaniels based in the UK
Dog/Bitch Photo Sire/Dam Health Status Owner's Details


Paoates Pocket Rocket

Sedgelands Game Gimli at Paoates

Contrail Ruby Tuesday at Paoates

OptiGen Normal/Clear

K.C./BVA eye-tested clear

Tasha Phillips




The publication of dogs, their details and health status is for information only.  Charbonnel Cocker Spaniels makes no warranty regarding the accuracy of said details and their inclusion in this list is not an endorsement by Charbonnel Cocker Spaniels as to the accuracy of the information or a validation that the testing detailed has been undertaken.  The information is provided in good faith and accordingly Charbonnel Cocker Spaniels accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions whether real or implied.  Any decisions made relating to the use of this information are the full responsibility of the persons directly involved. 

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