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(From Optigen site - FAQ- Do puppies from 2 OptiGen-tested normal parents need to be tested?)

As long as there were absolutely no surprises or accidents with this breeding, and there were no mix-ups within or among litters, only puppies that will be used for breeding should be tested. However, OptiGen will not certify the status of untested pups.)


We had another 5 homebred cockers blood-tested for the April OptiGen clinic, and are very proud to announce that these five parti-colours, like our tested homebred solid's have all come back as:

Genotype A1

(see below for information about the test results)

The Parti-Colours we tested were:

Charbonnel Kiss 'N' Cuddle - Blue Bitch

Charbonnel Girls 'N' Pearls - Black & White Ticked Bitch

And 3 February born blue sons of Sh. Ch. Lindridge Star Turn & Charbonnel Pick 'N' Mix

These dog pups are all micro-chipped, obviously, but as yet have not been allocated their names as I cannot decide who to keep !!!!!! These pups are all spoken for.

***Test Results: Pattern/Genotype A1

 Risk Group: Normal

 Risk for developing prcd form of PRA: Pattern A1 dogs of your breed are
statistically normal for prcd-PRA and are not expected to develop prcd-PRA
or this disease or pass it to offspring. No known Pattern A1 dog has
developed prcd-PRA or produced prcd-PRA-affected offspring, and no known
prcd-PRA-affected dog has tested Pattern A1. There is a low theoretical
chance that a Pattern A1 dog could have a false negative result and
therefore be a carrier (risk is less than 0.5%) or even be affected (risk is
less than 0.0025%). So far, the only inherited PRA disease known in this
breed is the prcd form of PRA.

Significance  for breeding: Pattern A1 dogs can be bred to any dog and, with
at least 99.5% confidence, will not produce pups affected by the prcd form
of PRA.

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