Show Champion Charbonnel Warlord  JW
OptiGen tested A1 for prcd-PRA, FN Carrier, Hip Score 7:7
29 C.C.'s, 21 BoB's, 12 R.C.C's, 3 Gundog Group 3rds
BIS Ulster Cocker Club Ch. Show 2000
BIS Cocker Club Ch. Show 2000
BOS Crufts 2001
BIS Cocker Club 2001 - 444 cockers entered



ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
Show Champion Asquannes Gonzales Faymyr Chickadee Tan Spats Burlough Buck Cilleine Oceanid
Akita Andora
Cleopatra of Faymur Lowacre Tan Sox
Faymyr Moon Shadow
Show Champion Asquannes Ghia Sh. Ch. Quettadene Emblem Sh. Ch. Sorbrook Christmas Knight
Quettadene Fascination
Sh. Ch. Asquannes Genevieve Persuader of Browster
Sh. Ch. Gemma of Asquanne
Show Champion Charbonnel Sugar Plum Helenwood Sounds Familiar
Hip Score: Hip Score: 6:6
Sh. Ch. Quettadene Emblem Sh. Ch. Sorbrook Christmas Knight
Quettadene Fascination
Sh. Ch. Helenwood Amerella Sh. Ch. Bidston Top Of The Pops
Sh. Ch. Helenwood Capelle
Show Champion Eilans Black Charlotte Of Charbonnel Sonic Sailor of Charbonnel Sonic Sandmark
Eldwythe Entre
Eilans Midnight Merryem Sh. Ch. Broomleaf Bright Memory
Eilans Midnight Jodi

Here is Frankie's development from a puppy. It includes lots of photos and chronicles his short life so far.

He was born on 2nd March 1999, by Show Champion Asquannes Gonzales x Show Champion Sugar Plum. He was one of 3 pups, another dog plus a sister who only lived for a few hours. From the minute he could wag his tail he did, and he was christened 'Fun-Time Frankie'. He is a wonderful dog to own and show, and everyone who has anything to do with him cannot help but be impressed by his charm. He is a true gent with a cheeky streak !!

Show Champion Charbonnel Sugar Plum

Frankie at 7 months

Frankie at 12 months

Telling Hannah his secrets

Relaxing in the leaves at 13 months

Best Puppy Crufts 2000

Left: Best Puppy Bitch Canigou Hopelessly Devoted
Right: Best Puppy Dog Charbonnel Warlord
Bitch Judge : Mr. Leslie Page 
Dog Judge : Mr. Ed Simpson

First C.C. at 13 months - Birmingham International

Left: Warlord  (He was also 3rd in the Gundog Group)
Right: Helenwood Santas Baybee (later to be Sh. Ch.)
Judge : Anne Webster

WELKS 2000

Left: Sh. Ch. Glowhill Rob Roy Dog C.C.
Right: Show Champion Charbonnel Warlord
Dog Judge : Mrs. Chris Jury

Frankie at the Three Counties Show, age 15 months.

Receiving our beautiful crystal memento for B.I.S from Mr. Ron Bebb - Ronfil 

Dog C.C. at the Cocker Club, and B.I.S.

Left: Show Champion Charbonnel Warlord J.W.
Right: Lindridge Star Turn (now Sh. Ch.) 
Dog Judges: Mrs. Jean Smith

Welsh Kennel Club 2000

Left: Res. Dog C.C. - Dillonpark Drambuie
Right: Dog C.C. & B.o.B. -

Show Champion Charbonnel Warlord

The B.I.S. line up, Cocker Club 2000

 Fourth at Pet Plan Junior Stakes Final 

Show Champion Charbonnel Warlord

Ladies Kennel Association 2000

Left: Kenan Kando - Dog C.C. (now Sh. Ch.)
Right: Show Champion Charbonnel Warlord - Res. Dog C.C. 
Judge: Mr. K. Costello

Cocker Club Awards

Frankie - Top Cocker 2000
Cassom Lois Lane - Top Cocker Puppy 2000

Frankie at Millennium Cocker 'Do'


Crufts 2001 aged 2 years 2 months

Left: Jozelah Classic Moods (now Sh. Ch.) - Bitch C.C.
Right: Show Champion Charbonnel Warlord - Dog C.C. 
Judges: Jo Walker (bitches) Ernie Darby (dogs)

The Cocker Spaniel Club Show 2001
(photo Pirjo Peltonen)

My sincere thanks go out to all those judges who, by awarding 'my boy' top honours in their way acknowledge the years of dedication that have gone into producing my young star.
At the end of May 2001 Frankie stands as Top Gundog in the Dog World Points list. He is also currently Top Cocker 2001.

** Stop press - along with his 18th C.C. & B.o.B. at Paignton Championship Show - he won 3rd in the Gundog Group - his 3rd such win.

Deja Vu

West of England Cocker Club Champ Show Oct 99

Left: Best Bitch Puppy Jozelah Classic Moods 
Right: Best Dog Puppy Charbonnel Warlord

Crufts 2001 aged 2 years 2 months

Left: Jozelah Classic Moods (now Sh. Ch.) - Bitch C.C.

Right: Show Champion Charbonnel Warlord - Dog C.C. 


2003 and he's at his best

Frankie has not been shown so much this year as he has already been judged by some judges, and of course we have youngsters coming up too. However, in my opinion, he is at his best and two judges have seen fit to give him the C.C., namely Lesley Spencer (Terriles) at Birmingham in May.

and Carol Wood at Windsor, when he was also B.O.B and 4th in the Gundog Group.

Then on the 20th July, Frankie's daughters did the ' double' at the show of all shows, the Cocker Club Championship show, by winning the CC and RBIS - Charbonnel Frankette JW - and Reserve CC to Sh. Ch. Charbonnel Lynette JW. Many thanks to the judge Mrs. Angela Hackett (Lindridge) for a marvellous day. These two are both by Warlord out of Amorette. Thank you Frankie for giving me these beautiful girls from their wonderful mum Amorette. What a lucky person I am !!!

On the 10th of April 2004 SH. CH. CHARBONNEL WARLORD stepped into the record books by becoming:


The above portrait was lovingly and skilfully painted by Anne Zoutsos.
  When Sally Ellison awarded Frankie his 29th C.C. and Best in Show at Cocker Club of Scotland he overtook the illustrious Sh. Ch. Canigou Cambrai (BIS Crufts 1996) as the top winning black male of all time in the UK.  I am VERY, VERY PROUD to be the breeder and owner of such a wonderful dog, and would like to thank all those judges who have put him where he is today.