Charbonnel Pinny 'n' Pearls - Lulu

Clear by parentage for prcd PRA, FN clear - hip score 0 : 0

Lulu has provided us with our first pups by Tony and we are really pleased with them.  6 dogs and 1 bitch, and we consider them all to be show quality. Besides anything else they all have superb outgoing temperaments, which is just what we want, as most are sold to loving pet homes.....

Bitch Bitch
Male 1 Male 1
Male 2 Male 2
Male 3 Male 3
Male 4 Male 4
Male 5 Male 5
Male 5 Male 6
Male 6 Male 6

Lulu at 3 years old

A Happy pair, Hannah and Lulu after a win in the Puppy Class at Trawden show.....

This is Lulu, the bitch pup we kept from this very even, promising litter. Both parents being Optigen A1, I hope she will prove to be at the very least a promising brood bitch for our small kennel.

Born 10/09/2005

Photo of Lulu at 7 Weeks Old

ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
Sh. Ch. Terriles Tonuelo JW
DNA Profile: OptiGen Normal/Clear
Terriles Taittinger
DNA Profile: OptiGen Normal/Clear
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Sorbrook Airs & Graces
Terriles TheseeTerriles Toyoyama 1 C. C JW
DNA Profile: OptiGen Normal/Clear
Terriles Traviata
Terriles TraviataPalacecraig Sultan of SwingMistfall Meddler JW
Lennoxgrove Temptress at Palacecraig
Terriles TacheteTerriles Tanqueray
Terriles Turandot At Tudorgold
Charbonnel Girls 'n' Pearls
DNA Profile: OptiGen A1
Terriles Toyoyama 1 C. C JW
DNA Profile: OptiGen Normal/Clear
Sh. Ch. Terriles TaguchiSh. Ch. Caron Carbo Booster JW
Terriles Taffeta JW
Tudorgold the Dew Fairy of TerrilesTerriles Tanqueray
Tudorgold Susanna's Secret
Charbonnel Kiss 'n' CuddleSh. Ch. Glowhill Rob RoySh. Ch. Bitcon Troubador
Glowhill Annalise
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