Charbonnel Lisette JW
Clear by parentage for prcd PRA and FN, Eye tested clinically clear & clear of predisposition to Glaucoma

Lizzie is borne of two of my favourite home-bred cockers, and she has a perfect temperament....happy and enthusiastic, yet quiet and cuddly, just like her mother. She has only been lightly shown so far, and has qualified for Crufts with Hannah at Border Union under Paul Read.

ParentsGrandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Charbonnel Swedish Design JW
Hip Score: 6 : 4
DNA Profile: prcd-PRA Normal via parentage & FN tested Clear
Charbonnel War Hero
Hip Score: 7 : 6
DNA Profile: Antagene FN Clear/PRA Genetically Normal
Sh. Ch. Charbonnel Warlord Sh. Ch. Asquannes Gonzales
Sh. Ch. Charbonnel Sugar Plum
Charbonnel Goes Dutch LUX. CH Z'Billy Boy du Domaine d'Ha´sha
Tripol's Pivit
SwShCh NUCH NORDW-06 SVCH Manaca┤s Undesingned Dream
Hip Score: A : A
DNA Profile: FN Clear/PRA Genetically Normal
SU(u)CH Quettadene Lancelot Sh. Ch. Perrytree Sun Dreamer
Quettadene High Society
SU(u)CH DKUCH SVCH Manaca┤s In Your Dream SU(u)Ch NUCH DKUCH NORDCH VEUW-06 NV-05 Manaca┤s Yours Sincerely
SU(u)CH Manaca┤s Alice in Chains
Sh. Ch. Charbonnel Lynette
Hip Score: Hip Score 6:5
Sh. Ch. Charbonnel Warlord
Hip Score: Hip Score 7:7
DNA Profile: OptiGen A1
Sh. Ch. Asquannes Gonzales Faymyr Chickadee Tan Spats
Sh. Ch. Asquannes Ghia
Sh. Ch. Charbonnel Sugar Plum Helenwood Sounds Familular
Sh. Ch. Eilans Black Charlotte Of Charbonnel
Sh. Ch. Charbonnel Amorette
Hip Score: Hip Score 12:4
DNA Profile: OptiGen A1
Judena Joskey Sh. Ch. Asquannes Gonzales
Judena Truly Scrumptious
Charbonnel BizetteHelenwood Sounds Familular
Charbonnel One And Only