Charbonnel Girls 'n' Pearls JW - Buffy

OptiGen tested A1 for prcd PRA, FN clear - Hip Score 4:6

Born 20/03/2002 

Buffy is a joy to show, such an extrovert and always a few steps ahead of me ! She has had to share the limelight with her friend Flora, and gives her a good run for her money, especially as Flora has had to compete against the older girls so that Buffy could be in the puppy class. She won a lovely Minor Puppy Bitch class full of very promising puppies at LKA in December, so we hope to continue on from where we left off this year!

Here's Buffy at 8 weeks

Buffy has presented us with a beautiful litter of 4 bitch pups, which as you can see are just quality through and through. They are by Terriles Tonuelo, Optigen A1,so they are from 2 A1 parents..

Photos taken at 7 weeks, showing their depth and substance, good bone and balanced heads. No stretching or pulling, no exaggerations, no ski-slope toplines or non-existent croups, just cobby packages of sturdy cocker pups.....

Don't be fooled by those deep bodies, as those who don't know any better might be, they have super front assembly, excellent length of upper arm with good return, and correct length of forearm. My pet hate is short forearms .....No coat needed here to disguise shallow, shelly bodies !!  Sorry, these pups are all spoken for!!


ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
Terriles Toyoyama 1 C. C JW
DNA Profile: OptiGen Normal/Clear
Sh. Ch. Terriles TaguchiSh. Ch. Caron Carbo Booster JWSh. Ch. Coltrim Cincinnati
Courtmaster Jenny Wren
Terriles Taffeta JWSh. Ch. Cilleine Echelon
Terriles Trousseau
Tudorgold the Dew Fairy of TerrilesTerriles Tanqueray Sh. Ch. Coltrim Cincinnati
Terriles Tessa
Tudorgold Susanna's SecretStarchoice of Lindridge - 2 R.C.C
Tudorgold The Bluebird
Charbonnel Kiss 'n' CuddleSh. Ch. Glowhill Rob RoySh. Ch. Bitcon TroubadorMistfall Meddler JW
Sh. Ch. Bitcon Moonlight
Glowhill Annalise Sh. Ch. Palacecraig Go West
Glowhill Earth Angel
Charbonnel Short N StormyWilholme Stormy Day at MossdewWilholme Wide Boy
Wilholme Weather The Storm
Charbonnel Short 'N' Sweet Sh. Ch. Shanaz Short List
Charbonnel Dark 'N' Shady