Charbonnel Black Dove
Hereditarily clear prcd PRA, FN carrier, Hip score 8:6

Poppy has always been a dear little soul, and as she was the only FN carrier bitch in her litter we kept her. We have now had a litter from her by ROULETTE, when she proved to be the most kind little mum imaginable, and she is going to go to a wonderful pet home with Beryl, who has already had a young cocker from us 13 years ago.
Poppy had a litter of 5, 2 dogs and 3 bitches, and this time we have kept a clear bitch, so that Poppy's legacy lives on. As you can see from the photo she fulfilled her early promise, with the most wonderful front assembly, big ribs and wide, strong quarters and second thigh, but she is now clipped and more practically suited for all the long walks ahead .
Thanks Poppy for your small contribution to our kennel, your sweet ways will always be remembered...we wish you all the best in your new home...xxxxx

The latest photo of Poppy taken February 07.Still hairy, but those angles are coming beautifully, and I just love her balance....
 DoB 28/06/06  Hip Score 8 : 6
This is the first 'official' photo of one of our latest bitch pups, little POPPY, by Warlord x C. Goes Dutch, so a full sister to Interlord and Promises. We are very pleased with her, but she does need to get out to training classes before she hits the ring...... !
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Sh. Ch. Charbonnel Warlord
Hip Score: Hip Score 7:7
DNA Profile: OptiGen A1
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