Hound News - 2008

Results from the  All Ireland Bull Breeds .........
PBGV judge was Mrs J Bollard and she awarded Tommy the Green Star Dog and BOB, and Biddy won the Green star in bitches. Tommy then went on to win 3rd in the Group under Ms R Kazlauskaite.

Congratulations to Roy and Leslie Blevins,and HUGE thanks to Mike Wildman for making just a good job of the handling !!

Hopefully we will have some photos soon.....



The deerhound pups have Martin to thank for making their lives richer still - he has built me, and them, a really useful grass run, which they simply love. They only need half an hour in it to send them to sleep for hours, though when you see these photos you can see why they get so tired....they just don't stop !!




We are indebted to Roy and Lesley Blevins in Ireland for their enthusiasm and commitment in showing the 2 PBGV's  CH .CHARBONNEL TOM CRUISE and CHARBONNEL BIDDY BANTAM on the circuit recently, and to Mike who showed them when he could....they amassed the following wins during the week :
Tommys Wins :
Clonmel - Green Star Dog and CACIB
Killarney - Res Green Star Dog
Limerick - Green Star Dog, BOB and Group 4.
Tralee - Green Star Dog and BOB.
Biddy's Wins:
Munster Canine Club - Green Star and BOB
Bangor & North Down Canine Club - Green Star Bitch
Limerick - Green Star Bitch
6 Best Puppy in Breed
4 Group 2 Puppy Group Wins
We are justly proud, and hope that they continue to do well. I believe Biddy has now won enough 'Excellent' gradings to earn herself  the title of Junior Irish Champion. She won her Green Stars in good company, which must auger well for this young bitch, who isn't yet 12 months old !!!
Hopefully photos will follow shortly....


These photos were taken of the pups at 4 weeks of age. They are starting to develop their own characters now, and play much more that these photos might suggest !!



An update on Dilys's pups, who are all doing well, after their initial 'blip'.......two photos below show them at 17 days old, and growing in front of our eyes.
We have 2 bitches and 3 dogs available, and of course any with show potential will be available to suitable homes. Do please email me for details if you are interested.


Our only deerhound Dilys whelped today, and we have 8 puppies, 4 dogs, 4 bitches .....it was not an easy ride and Dilys had to have a caesarean section and be spayed, due to complications, so we are hoping that there is a lovely bitch pup in the litter to perpetuate our interest in this enchanting breed.

Below are the 6 pups which Dilys is nursing herself, at 4 days old. Two bitches have been fostered onto a friends Golden Retriever who whelped the day before, as Dilys did not have any milk for 48 hours......we hope to have a photo of them soon.!


The sire of the pups,Ch.Greyflax the Mighty Quinn,is the dog I awarded the C.C. to,his first,at Blackpool last year.He rapidly gained his crown under 2 eminent breed specialists,for which I was justly proud.Please click here to visit Quinn's page on the Kilbourne deerhounds website. You can see photos of Dilys on our deerhound pages.....


WONDERFUL NEWS FROM THE WORLD DOG SHOW 2008,this year being held in Stockholm - Gwen Huikeshoven's PBGV CHARBONNEL CANTONA travelled there from the Netherlands and was declared WORLD WINNER 08,winning the dog CACIB and CAC !!!!! He's not 2 years old until September and was in excellent company ( see this link  to the PBGV results) Congratulations to Marie and Peter's Multi-titled Vilauddens Loka too, for winning BOB ...so pleased for you....xx
Can you imagine just how PROUD we are ??? Huge thanks to Gwen and her family for their professionalism and dedication ....
Choc's critique couldn't be better, thank you to the judge Jean Jaques Dupas of France...........
" Lovely dog in perfect condition. Type, expression, head, body, ears, eyes, tail, movement, everything is perfect.... "


Horrendous weather today at Bath, but our girls did well for us.....little GLOSSY was again in the cards, winning 3rd in a good Minor Puppy bitch class under Jill Peak ,and COCO won 1st in Post Grad in the PBGV's under Sheila Rawlings......we were most proud of young CHARBONNEL SWAN SONG's debut win in the Minor Puppy bitch class too - Molly belongs to Phil and Beryl Beugelaar, and they were very happy bunnies !!

The day before COCO won Best AVNSC Hound and 4th in the hound group at Chester City Open show.


In Ireland today at an International show our PBGV's flew the flag - SH.CH.CHARBONNEL TOM CRUISE totted up his 3rd RESERVE GREEN STAR and won the Res CACIB for Roy and Lesley Blevins ,and their CHARBONNEL BIDDY BANTAM won her class, was awarded Very Promising and took 2nd in Puppy Group 6.Well done !


Our beagle bitch puppy, CHARBONNEL GLOSSY, had her first championship show today, Birmingham National, and we were thrilled when she won 3rd in a strong class of 14 beautiful Minor puppy bitches. The judge Mrs Ann Tofts remarked on what a super class of pups she had before her, so we were very, very pleased. Chrissi came in reserve with GANDER in Minor Puppy dog, and she was really pleased with his performance.....
I was accompanied by 2 beautiful females..........

Our PBGV, CHARBONNEL COCO, was 2nd in Post Grad, her first time out of Junior, so we were pleased with that.....



Many thanks to Tuija for letting me know that Eija's CHARBONNEL ELI was BOB at Lahti international show in Finland YESTERDAY, judged by Mr Aleksandr Nikitin from Russia. Well done again !!


Thanks to Beryl and Phil Beugelaar for these delightful photos of Mollie, one of the puppy bitches from our last PBGV litter. Hopefully she will hit the ring in May. We think she has a most beautiful head and eye already....lets keep our fingers crossed that the judges like her too !



CHARBONNEL GLOSSY, our newest beagle bitch puppy, made her debut at Bebington CS today, winning the Beagle Junior class at just 6 months and in good company, under judge Mrs Chris Nuttall (Monduri). Her litter brother, GANDER, owned by Chris Dulac, was 3rd,following on from his win in AVNSC at Wigan a couple of weeks ago.


Our PBGV, CHARBONNEL COCO, was the only one in her AVNSC Post Grad class, but she later won BEST AVNSC HOUND, and 3rd in the Hound Group. She is such a jaunty, cheeky little madam, and she wins new friends wherever she goes...today was no exception !!

Easter weekend

Good news from Gwen and CHARBONNEL CANTONA again !!

" At the big Easter show in Leeuwarden, where there were more then 2500 dogs entered, Chocolate won BOB again and again he was placed in the group, this time third. Really good, as my GBGV Applause was first. The judge was the well known Petru Muntean from Romenia. Here is a picture taken at the show:



Some welcome news from Gwen Huikeshoven in the Netherlands regarding last weeks showing under judge Mr. Doedijns...

" CHARBONNEL CANTONA kept the flag high for your kennel, as he won BOB again and was BIG 2 at the International Show in Leiden. He's now unbeaten in the breed so far and is placed every time in the group, and this is rare for the Petit here, as the Grand is placed as well most of the time. "
Thanks Gwen for showing Choccie in such good condition and for keeping me informed of his success !!


Our little Glossy is really coming on....we are SO pleased with her so far. Don't be taken in by her 'butter-wouldn't melt' expression though, that's just a front ! Just look at that sideways glance- that says it all !!  

Hopefully Gossip will co-operate enough with us soon so that we can feature some photos of her too !




A good start to the year with the news from Finland that CHARBONNEL ELI, the young deerhound dog who Eija Kaipainen and I have in partnership, has now had confirmation of his INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION title !

Thank you Eija for all your hard work, and to Tuija for keeping me informed..... x



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