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Monica kindly took these photos of the Beaglies for us....looks like we have a bitch pup available, preferably to a showing home, but a good 'houndy' home will be the first consideration. Not sure which one of the 3 yet though......





Bitch & Dog


Is there anything more contented than a beagle pup with a full belly ???? These are Bessie's pups at 2 weeks old, so chunky and well-boned, we are really pleased with them.


Great news from Gwen in Holland, proud owner of Charbonnel Cantona....at the International show in Zwolle, Holland ' Choc' was declared BoB by breed judge Mr. Ben W. Reynolds-Frost from the UK and then he was awarded BEST IN GROUP by the allrounder judge Mr Doedijns from the Netherlands. He has been to 2 Dutch shows now and both times was BOB. Not bad at only 13 months old  ...thanks Gwen for showing him in such good order. x


I am presently having BIG problems with my computer, and I have lost all emails I have saved recently from people interested in the PBGV's and cocker pups. If you have emailed/phoned me in the last month or two showing a serious interest in either of my breeds, or in having a puppy at some stage, would you please either email me again, or phone me on 0791 9911779.

Many thanks.......


Bessie delivered 4 beautiful pups today, to Jill Peaks Ch.Bayard Grafter. (see Hound news for 8/9/07). We have 3 bitches and 1 dog, and as we only intend to keep one bitch pup there will be some pups available to suitable 'hound homes'.....please email for more details. At the moment they are laid-back fatties, enjoying the undivided attention of their scrupulous Mum......



A quick day for the PBGV's at Driffield under Linda Skeritt. Judging at 9, finished at 10:30 !!

Tommy won the Reserve Dog C.C. and Coco was 2nd behind the Bitch CC winner in Junior. 2 hours later they were rolling in wet grass and digging big muddy holes for their beef rib-bones, much more fun !!!!!

Super day for our hounds at Darlington championship show under PBGV breed specialist judge Ann Holdsworth. Tommy won his 4th C.C. and Coco won her class and the Reserve bitch C.C., which was a good result for us. Thanks Garbo for producing us 2 lovely hounds.....I hope her next litter by Ch.Soletrader Rooster Booster (fingers crossed....) is of equal quality to her previous litters.....



We're really pleased to say that we think our older beagle bitch Bessie, Helenwood Bounty at Charbonnel, is in whelp to CH. BAYARD GRAFTER, Jill Peaks latest male champion.

Please see below Grafter and his pedigree....we'll of course keep the news updated when she whelps.


CHARBONNEL ELI, who I own in partnership with Eija Kaipainen of Finland, had a great weekend in the show-ring in Denmark yesterday under Mrs Marion Spavin he was BOB and won the CC and CACIB, which makes him a Danish and International Champion and today judged by Annika Ulltveit-Moe (Sweden), he was BOB again and won the CACIB.

Eija's bitch, Swordgrove Shannon, who is out of INT.CH.CHARBONNEL BALLAD, won the C.C. herself on the Saturday making her a Danish Champion, and then today she won Best Bitch and gained the CACIB making her an International Champion too.
Thank you Eija for all the hard work you put into showing Eli, I am very proud of his achievements........
The photo shows Eli on the left with Eija, and the judge Mrs.Marion Spavin.


Really pleased to hear that Glenis and Mick Peach's young deerhound dog Greyflax the Mighty Quinn at Kilbourne won his 2nd C.C. at South Wales Kennel Association under breed specialist Dr. Sarah Helps (Beardswood)

I gave him his first C.C. at Blackpool 2 weeks before, and it is really gratifying to know that a breed specialist of Dr. Helps standing admired him as much as I did and thought him worthy of the title of Champion, which is after all what we are declaring when we sign the card on the day......



Today Eli (on the left in the photo) was BOS and gained the CACIB in Karjaa International Show in Finland. The judge was Finnish - Ulla af Heurlin.

Well Done Eija !!


Raider and Riff Raff, our 2 beagle pups, were 1st and 2nd today in beagle junior at the Cheshire Agricultural Show, under judge Tom Johnston. Raider made us very proud by winning Best of Breed from a line-up of 4 good quality males. This follows a successful day at Border Union last week, when both pups won 2nds in the Puppy classes, behind two top winning puppies under Mr. Robin Sadler (Closebride). I was VERY proud of them. Coco also did well and won Best Puppy in breed under Zena Thorn Andrews. Hopefully Gavin will work out how to retrieve the photo of her off his phone for me !!


Coco was Best Puppy Bitch at Three Counties under Zola Rawson,while Raider was second in Minor Puppy Dog and Riff Raff was unplaced in MPB under Ben Reynolds-Frost.


Fin Ch.CHARBONNEL ELI, the deerhound dog I have in partnership with Eija Kaipainen in Finland, is now also an Estonian Champion and EstV-07 (Estonian Winner).


The Beagle Club Championship show was a relaxed yet well-organised event, and a record entry awaited judges Mr.T.Anderson(Rossmaith) and Mrs.Liz Cartledge (Ryslip). Our Raider was Reserve in Minor Puppy Dog and RifRaf wasn't placed in Minor Puppy bitch, but there were 19 lovely young bitches in the class, so we weren't dismayed.

Photo of the BIS lineup, left to right, is of BIS - Parkers Ch.&Ir.Ch.Serenaker Devil Woman, RBIS Lewis' Can Ch.Tradewinds Captain Solo at Fallowfield and BP the dog pup Parkers Serenaker Devil in Disguise.


During the break those present were treated to the sight of the Royal Agricultural College's own beagle pack coming into the ring. The hounds were much finer in bone and head than those being shown now, but no doubt the two types do share common ancestors. And as I was told many years ago at the hunt kennels," a hound doesn't hunt on it's head "



When trying to find some history of the pack on the net, I came across this snippet of an archive from the Country Life in 1896.........
11 April 1896

The Principal noted the term's work had hardly been so gratifying as usual, the introduction of a pack of beagles having had a disturbing effect on other sports, notably football, as well as on the studies of the college.

I can imagine.......

This link is also very interesting, this time with regard to breeding foxhounds, but as you read the last paragraph you will see that anyone who is breeding to maintain type, quality and above all, FUNCTION, has the same problems.....out-crossing has to be done, and it can be years before the advantages are seen, but in all animal breeding there are risks, surprises and above all lessons to be learnt and applied.




Our hounds behaved exceptionally well in the heat of Southern Counties Championship show,and we were very pleased with our dogs results.

Coco, our young PBGV bitch pup, was Best Puppy in breed under judge Jenny Startup, and C.Rafia, our beagle bitch pup was 3rd in Minor Puppy bitch, thus qualifying for Crufts 2008.

Raider, her brother, was 2nd in a class of 2 (somebody had to be 2nd !! ),but he behaved exceptionally well, and I am really pleased with the way he is maturing. The judge, Mike Denny was very kind to the pups on the table and took his time to evaluate them thoroughly.


It is with great sadness that I report the death of the beautiful deerhound bitch Int.Ch.CHARBONNEL BALLAD, in Finland today.

It doesn't seem like nearly 10 years since she left us to go and live with Eija Kaipainen, Tuija's sister, but it is. She had a wonderful life, and Eija gave her the best of everything, and showed her to win her International Champion title and Best Veteran at the Finnish Deerhound Clubs show under Glenis Peach (Kilbourne) in 2006.

I hope that the legacy she has left behind in your kennel helps you through this sad time Eija. She was a special 'person' .......


Bath Championship show today, and we are very pleased with our hound pups' achievements.

CHARBONNEL COCO, our 8 month old PBGV bitch pup ,won her class and was declared Best Bitch puppy.
She is coming on well and is all we want at this stage .....she loves to show and behaves exceptionally well for a baby. The photo shows her in the garden the next day......

This photo of Hannah, COCO and Amy is the sequel to the one on the front page.....nothing like an embarrassing parent to set the kids off laughing, eh Han ?????

The Beagle pups did not disgrace themselves, both behaved really well. Raider won 3rd in Minor Puppy Dog and RifRaf was VHC in a sizeable Minor Puppy Bitch class. Considering it was their first time on grass they were little saints......for a change !!!


Many thanks to Gwen for the latest photos of her CHARBONNEL CANTONA....I am SO pleased with the way he has progressed, growing into an eye-catching hound. I'm really looking forward to hearing how he does in the ring.....


Great news from Eija Kaipainen in Finland today !! CHARBONNEL ELI was BOB and 4th in the Hound group  at Lappeenranta all breed show.The breed and group judge was Jaroslav Matyas from Slovakia.Thanks Tuija for the VERY prompt news !


It was debut day for our hound pups today at the combined Houndshow Open show and the Basset Griffon Vendeen Club Open show at Stafford.

Coco,our nearly 7 month old PBGV bitch pup did exceptionally well by winning her MPB class and Best Bitch puppy, and then eventually taking RBPIS overall (between GBGV and PBGV) Many thanks to judge Jenna Skerritt (Monkhams) for her judgements and kind comments.


It was first time out for Raider and Rafia, our beagles, too,and ' Riff Raff ' did extremely well by winning her Puppy Bitch class and BP in Breed, in good company, under judge Miss N Denny. Raider behaved really well too, bless him, but was not placed so favourably. He will be a late maturer, which I think is more typical of males.

Congratulations to Chris and Debbie Blake who won BoB in PBGV with Soletrader Topsy Turvy at the Houndshow, and then Reserve Best in Show. Without their kindness we would not have had our Coco, as they allowed us to have her sire Monty to stay with us when Garbo was on heat last year. Coco has inherited much of Monty's jaunty ways, and we love her SO much because of her cheeky character..... The photo of Monty below was taken at Crufts this year....

Thank you also to all those hound people who said such encouraging things about all our pups.


Great news from Eija Kaipainen that Fin Ch.Charbonnel Eli was BOB and gained the CACIB today at Tampere International show in Finland, the judge was Olga Kosareva from Russia, who spoke only Russian and gave the critiques in Russian too. ......

Eija's Ch.Charbonnel Ballad's daughter was BOS.

Last weekend Eli was competing in a lure coursing event and gained the CC, so he's heading for a Lure coursing champion title too!

Eli is the one in the RED jacket.. the one in front !


Latest photos of Raider, Rafia and Bessie:

Raider, Rafia & Bessie


Brilliant news from PennGen in the USA-- my deerhound Dilys' s test result for factor V11 deficiency has come back normal. Once more I have survived putting my head on the block .........


I took the beagle pups out in the garden separately today, to try to keep SOME control at least !!

Raider enjoyed 'chicken watching' and posing, while Rafia decided that if I wanted a good photo of her standing I would have to crawl around in undergrowth....which I am NOT good at !!!



Rafia .......


Gwen sent me these delightful photos of Cantona ,he looks SO mature in his outlook, and so purposeful in his stride....can't wait until he hits the Continental show rings. Thanks Gwen for training and presenting him so well....


Congrats to 3 of my Hound friends on their superb successes in 2006.....to Gavin and Sara for their TOP HOUND award with their PBGV bitch Ch. Soletrader My Aphrodisiac, and to Gwen Huikeshoven in Holland with her GBGV dog Ch. Bassbar Hermitage for his TOP DOG ALL BREEDS.....Both fantastic achievements...WELL DONE !!

The photo is of Gwen and Hermitage after one of their many BIS awards.....




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