A short history of the Charbonnel kennel...

"Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends" - Alexander Pope

Apparently, when I was a child, my mother was always having to unwrap me from around strange dog’s necks!! So not surprisingly when I left home I indulged myself and bought two of my favourite breeds, a German Shepherd and a cocker. The Shepherds became too strong for me following an accident and so I concentrated on the cockers.

My first was a black bitch by Sonic Sandmark, called Ernedene Royal Regalia of Charbonnel; she is Sh. Ch. Charbonnel Amorette’s great-great grandmother in direct line. She was my first Crufts qualifier and proved to be an excellent brood bitch. Then followed a golden son of Sandmark,  Sonic Sailor of Charbonnel; he was a wonderful dog to show, a real extrovert. Although he didn’t win any C.C’s, he had some very good championship show wins and at 10 months he won Best Puppy in Show at the Cocker Club Championship show……


Sorbrook Brambleberry;
Quettadene Black Jade;
Sonic Sailor of Charbonnel

July 1980

Dog judge was
Mrs. D. Robinson

Sailor went on to produce my first Champion bitch, namely Sh. Ch. Eilans Black Charlotte of Charbonnel, who won 4 C.C.’s and 7 Reserve C.C.’s, plus a treble Junior Warrant. She in turn produced 2 more black champion bitches for me, namely Fair Cher and Sugar Plum. Jill (Fair Cher) was not just a champion in the ring, she was also a champion in the hearts of all her friends, for at the age of 5, while in whelp with a litter by Sh. Ch. Canigou Mr. Happy, she underwent surgery to amputate one of her back legs. She came through successfully and produced a litter of 4, after having 6 ops and taking strong anti-biotics for 4 weeks. She was a miracle !! I forgot to mention that she was BOB at Crufts in 1991, Top Cocker 1990 and she won 21 C.C.’s, 16 with BOB.!! She was retired from the ring at 3 years old, while still ‘on top’. In her 11 years of life she spent almost 6 years on 3 legs, and she lived life to the full.

One of the pups Jill produced went on to become Sh. Ch. Charbonnel Mr. Sheen, who is now in Spain and also owns the Spanish Champion title. His sister Charbonnel Fair Miss is still with me, and she has produced many good winners including Charbonnel Romance and the ‘Glen’ litter by Sh. Ch. Asquannes Glenfiddich, Glenlarry and Glenmartin doing well abroad.

Along the way there have been other winners in this country……one black bitch Sh. Ch. Charbonnel Chandalier at Deewhy won very well for owners Mr. and Mrs. Langford……….


Sh. Ch. Charbonnel
Chandalier At Deewhy



Another of Black Charlotte's progeny was Charbonnel Bombardier, a red dog who won his Junior Warrant, 1 C.C. and 2 Reserves. He then went to Hungary, where he has proved himself to be a useful stud, some of his progeny winning well for Karlo Bala.

‘ Bomber’ is pictured at 8 months………….

Charbonnel Bombardier


Many years ago I had the undoubted pleasure of working with one of the top stud grooms in the country. His wisdom of the ways of animals and the countryside was immeasurable. I often think about how he spoke of the animals in his charge and of one piece of wisdom in particular, which he often recited after walking the fields studying the young stock .....

"Anyone can BUY a good 'un Sandy, but it takes someone with a bit more nous to BREED one ...."

Well, my short history has become rather long, but I have to find room to say that during the last 15 years two very important people have come into my life…, namely Martin my husband and Hannah my precious daughter; they are patient, unselfish people who help me in every way they can and I will always be deeply grateful to them…