Health Matters

Here are some links to information relating to various health issues - I hope you find them useful.


Autoimmune diseases Information about diseases caused by a defective immune systems
The Versatile Gun dogs Vizsla Page Information about behaviour
Canine Epilepsy Resources Information about Canine Epilepsy
Canine Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Web site about Canine Hip & Elbow dysplasia
Canine Skin Problems & Diseases Skin problems & diseases in dogs
Canine Inherited Disorders Database Information about how disorders are inherited in the dog
Deafness In Dogs Information about deafness in dogs
Dog Genetic Health Visit this KC site to learn more about the inheritance of PRA
Dog Training - Jenny Peacocke Common-sense approach to dog training
Dominance Aggression Information about Dominance Aggression in dogs
Dilated Cardiomyopathy A heart condition found in some dogs
Voluntary Open Registry of Optigen results
ECSCA Health English Cocker Spaniel Club Of America Health information
EFNF Web site of the European Familial Nephropathy Fund
Familial Nephropathy Information on a kidney disease
Giardia in Dogs - Vet On-Line Intestinal parasite in dogs
Glaucoma - Animal Eye Care

Understanding Glaucoma

Eye conditions
Intestinal Worms in Dogs & Cats at The Pet Centre Intestinal parasites in dogs
An Overview of Leishmaniasis Site dedicated to the protozoa disease affecting dogs
OptiGen Web site for the American company OptiGen
Persistent Pupillary Membranes in Dogs Information about PPM's in dogs
Progressive Retinal Atrophy Information on the eye problem PRA
Pro-Vet Veterinary information web site
Research into the development of Chiari A health initiative all cocker breeders can help with
Skin Problems, Parasites & Insecticides Skin problems, parasites & insecticides
Swedish Cocker Eye Test Data - 9 pages of eye test results:  Overseas Health registries
The Merck Vet. Manual On-line version of the popular Merck Vet Manual
Veterinary Ophthalmology Information Centre Web site with information about Veterinary Ophthalmology
Wolf Facts Information about the Wolf

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The information contained within is solely for informational purposes, and DOES NOT replace professional veterinary care. The information contained within is subject to interpretation and a trained professional should perform an evaluation of an animalís medical condition before any medical decisions are implemented.

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