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I just don't know where the time goes,but I haven't had a chance to update my news for quite a while. So,in a nutshell,Timmy has had a successful couple of months,winning the CC,BoB and Group 2 at Welsh Kennel Club under Dr.Ron James and Mr,Clive Davies respectively,and the CC and BoB at City of Birmingham under Annie Kettle. At both shows our young black dog,Charbonnel Best Man,a son of our Swedish Design, won the post graduate class,and at Welsh Kennel Club Michael and Brian's Dillonpark Peroni won her 3rd CC and became Desi's 2nd champion for them. No sooner had Peroni become a Champion than Lin and George Parkers Weyhill Isabella won that most-important 3rd CC at City of Birmingham and became their first Champion and Desi's 3rd Champion Progeny. To be part of some else's ultimate dream and to be able to help to make this possible is what makes this hobby so rewarding,I am very proud of all my dogs' sons and daughters,and I love seeing them all enjoy success,so proud of them all !!

I mustn't forget to mention that Teresa Walker had a wonderful win with Lottie (Charbonnel Etiquette at Brackenjack) at Bournemouth Champ show ,when she won the RCC in bitches under Paul Read (Jardinisle).Really happy for you both T.!!


So proud to hear that Timmy is currently TOP COCKER at the halfway stage of the national competition - he currently has 13 CC's with 12 Best of Breeds and 10 Reserve CC's.


Thank you to my cheery friend Mike who drove to Windsor and back without any company ( :0) ) so that we could attend Windsor Championship show.The judge for the day,Michael Parkinson (Dillonpark) awarded Timmy the C.C., his 13th, and also gave his son,Andrew and Jane's Shenmore Still Smiling, the RCC.We had even more reason to proud when Desi's daughter,George and Lin's Weyhill Isabella,won the bitch CC. A super day all the Darby's Classicway Cover Girl,a Timmy daughter, won the yearling bitch class and Teresa's Charbonnel Etiquette with Brackenjack was 2nd in a strong Post Grad class and Charbonnel Ermine'n'Pearls won a good reserve in Limit. To finish off a good day Timmy just made it to the group and was short-listed in strong company under Carol Coode,so no complaints at all. !!



One of our 'lucky' shows today,Blackpool,and true to form we had a good day,with Tim-Toms winning the Dog CC and BoB under Lesley Tain (Tainmere).As always he didn't let us down in the Group ring,where it was cold and windy-typical of this show-and really showed his heart out.....


A very special day today,my late friend Lesley's birthday,and although our show was indoors,we felt her special sunshine shining down on us at the Cheshire Cocker Spaniel Society's Championship Show,where Mick Bond won his 1st CC with Olibind Remember Me,who is out of one of the last bitches Lesley bred,who was by our Swedish import Tony....

Our Timmy,a Tony son and out of our Pinny'n'Pearls,a Terriles Tonuelo daughter,won the Reserve Dog CC, and his son ,owned by Andrew Jones and Jane Simmonds,was Best Puppy dog and Timmy's daughter owned by Mark and Joyce Collins,won the Reserve bitch CC.So all in all a good day ,and some good laughs with some very special friends too,made for a happy couple of hours at our very local show.xx Photos to come hopefully.


Timmy has now taken his CC tally up to 11,by winning the Dog CC and BIS at The Cocker Spaniel Club of Scotland's championship show at the weekend.Many thanks to the breed specialists Mrs.Sally Shields(dogs) and Mrs.Sally Leeding (bitches) for awarding him his 10th Best of proud of our little man ! Lovely to see his son winning 2nd behind him in the particolour open dog class too !!

It doesn't seem like 5 minutes since Timmy posed for this photo ,but it was Easter 2009 !



Well,Crufts is over for another y ear,but the memory of the successes will last for quite some time - our Timmy was successful again,this time winning the Dog CC under judge Miss Joanne Darby(Classicway)but for the first time in his career he did not win BoB.However,he enjoyed every minute,and did not put a foot wrong from the time he first went into the ring until he was judged by the referee for the BoB award.It was a pleasure to be on the 'other end ' of his lead,especially in the Open Class,which was a spectacle in itself,with so many beautiful males entered.

Congrats to all Desi and Timmy's progeny who did so well,especially to Lyn and George with Desi's daughter Weyhill Isabella who won the Reserve Bitch CC,and Jane and Andrews Shenmore Still Smiling,Timmy's son,who was Best Puppy dog,and of course to the other Charbonnels who were all placed favourably and were shown in exceptional condition.

' My Boy '


One of our favourite shows today,although now tinged with sadness as my dearest friend Lesley is no longer with us to share the day.It was always a pleasure to see her beautiful smile when she was on the committee at South Wales and Monmouth Cocker Club. It was Timmy's day to shine today-he  won the Dog CC under Mr.Mark Collins and Best in Show on the referee Mr.Rodney Wyatt's decision.This was Timmy's 9th CC,all with BoB,along with 9 RCC's,so I was really pleased.

Thanks to Shel for the photo:


Shel also sent me a photo of Andrew and Jane's Timmy son,Shenmore Still Smiling ,I'm SO pleased with this little fellow,I think he will have a promising future........

' Hugo '


I received a new Assured Breeders Scheme certificate today,at first I just thought it was one valid for the next 3 years,then I realised that an accolade had been added- the Accolade of Excellence,awarded by the Kennel Club for 'an outstanding contribution to the breed '.In order to qualify for this,one has to have bred at least 5 UK champions and have had a successful visit from an ABS advisor ( we got top marks when we had our visit. )As you can imagine I am very proud of this - I think I am the first to have been nominated in cockers,but I may be wrong.Thank you to the Solid Colours Cocker Spaniel Association for thinking me worthy of this honour,and for putting my name forward.




Well,its been a long time since we had any real news ,but suddenly everything is starting to happen ! After 5 months of recuperation following another operation on my leg, we had our first show at the Particoloured Cocker under Peter Darby,where Ivy won her class and Alice had her usual exuberant dance round the ring and was unplaced ! Bless her ! 






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