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"Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

— Ralph Waldo Emerson


  May I take this opportunity to wish everyone at home and abroad a Happy,Healthy and prosperous 2012 with their dogs !!!! 



Thanks to some very generous,kind friends I was able to take it steadily and have a little holiday with the dogs,so as to make an appearance at what was the last show of the year for my small team,and what a day we had ! From an excellent ,quality entry,my young boy Timmy won the Dog CC under Mrs.Kathy Kerr (Windgrove) and Best in Show at one of the most prestigious shows of the year,London Cocker Spaniel Society's Championship show.I was SO proud of him,bringing his total to 6 C'C's,every one with Best of Breed,and 7 RCC's.And those won after VERY selective showing this year due to my incapacity .How hard it is to carry on with a brain which considers itself to be 20 years old and a body which operates like an 80 year olds !!

I'm pleased to say that young Fabio,Charbonnel Best Man, did exceptionally well winning 2nd in a strong Minor Puppy Dog class,and Archie ,Charbonnel First Design for Brackenjack,won the Grad Solid dog class handled by me for his owner Teresa Walker.After having a weeks holiday with me he behaved really well - he's an excellent example of a 'big dog in a small package' and he's a gratifying dog to handle,being strong yet very sweet-natured.

Our girls didn't do quite so well,Alice winning VHC and Lisa a 3rd under the bitch judge Lesley Hooper,but it doesn't do to be greedy !!!

(Hopefully some photos to come .....)


My beautiful dogs did themselves proud today at Coventry Cocker championship show.....Sonja was making an appearance after her summer hols,and won the Bitch CC under bitch judge for the day,Mrs Hilary Ladanowski (Towbray).Timmy also won the Reserve Dog CC under Eve Milward (Brynceri),and little Fabio,Charbonnel Best Man,owned in partnership with Michaela Burns,was shortlisted in a strong Minor Puppy Dog class,bless him. My Alice,Sonja and Frankies mischievious daughter, was 2nd in her class.A successful day all in all......

Timmy on the table  Fabio being a good boy !

                          Sh.Ch.Charbonnel Life 'n' Times JW -Reserve CC winner          Charbonnel Best Man (son of Sh.Ch.Charbonnel Swedish Design)

Sonja   CC and RCC

                        Sh.Ch.Charbonnel Dream Design JW - Bitch CC winner                          and with the RCC winner and judge Hilary Ladanowski


Due to ongoing health problems and an impending operation I am looking for kind pet homes for some of my cockers.Please email me for details : or phone 0791 9911779.Thank you.


Very proud of my Timmy who was Best in Show today at Rotherham CS Club; he loved every minute !

Congrats to Joyce and Mark Collins who won both their classes with their Timmy Son and Daughter too, and special congrats to Mick and Jane Bond who won their first CC with their young bitch Olibond Oopsy Daisy.Fingers crossed for the other 2 my friends !


Timmy notched up another Reserve CC today,bringing his tally to 4 CC's,4 BoB's and 6 RCC's.Thanks to judge Mrs Yvonne Stonier.

I was really pleased that Timmy's daughter ,Mark and Joyce Collins' Candyke Lady Oh,was declared Best Puppy in Show,the same award that 'Dad' won 2 years ago !! Bitches were judged by Lin Parker.His son,Lady Oh's litter brother also won his Minor Puppy dog class....

Many thanks to Shel Cowles for the photos of Timmy (left) and his daughter (right )below :


Timmy  Lady Oh



Timmy won another Reserve CC today,this time under Mr.Leslie Forfar at Driffield Champ show.


Another RCC for Timmy under Chris Laverty at Darlington today,bringing his tally to 4 CC's ,all with Best of Breed,and 4 RCC's.SO proud of my boy !!


Young Timmy won his 4th CC with BoB today ,under breed specialist Sarah Amos-Jones (Cassom) and went on to be short listed in a strong group under Sandra Marshall. 

Timmy BoB B'ham

Lisa (Ermine 'n' Pearls ) went really well and really enjoyed it,and won her class again.Little Alice also won 2nd in a quality Minor Puppy bitch class,so a really good day all round.....

Thank you to Mandy and Teresa who helped me immensely and made the whole day more enjoyable even though I was in so much pain... 

Beautiful photos of Lisa below by Marion Sweeney ,many thanks !

Lisa 's lovely expression...    Lisa in Stance...



Young Timmy pulled out all the stops today to win the CC,his third and crowning one, and BoB, at WKC under breed specialist Paul Read (Jardinisle) and then went on to win a 4th in the Gundog Group under Mr.Chris Atkinson.He is our 13th Show Champion and 15th Charbonnel champion . Thanks to Mandy Edwards for the following photo,and congrats to her and Mike for their Reserve CC with TJ !!





Proud as punch today....At Bournemouth Championship Show my young blue boy Timmy won his 2nd CC and Best of Breed under breed specialist Alexa Brown (Metkar)and went on to win third in the Gundog Group under the well-respected Gundog specialist Mrs.Val Foss (Elswood) .I was really thrilled that he enjoyed the experience so much .Thanks to Shel Cowles for the great photos of him,but especially this one which shows his bouncy nature....



and this one with his Dog CC rosette:


and in serious mode :



Well done to Mike with Lisa,Timmy's full sister, too,who won Graduate Bitch ( photo below on left ) and Michael and Brian who won the Reserve Dog CC and RBPIS with their Swedish Design son Percy (photo below on right)...what a start to this young dogs show 'career' .We are always proud of our dogs progeny,whether we own them or have bred them ourselves or not !!



Lisa                        Percy

Thank you to Helen Noakes for the 2 photos above .x


A quick clean up and Paddy is out again ,this time in show mode ! He was awarded Best Dog at Askersund National under judge Mr.John Stanton of New Zealand .Congrats !!

Paddy Best Dog


Great news from Sweden,where our 2 exports to the Manaca's kennel have excelled themselves by becoming tracking Champions on the same day ! Both Johnny and Paddy are already Swedish Show Champions,now they have proved they are truly 'fit for function' by completing their 3rd tracks in excellent times and in classic style.Thank you to Monica for her attention to detail and her determination .....I am a very proud breeder.


While my hounds were enjoying their day at the Houndshow,Timmy's young daughter Candyke Lady Oh,belonging to Mark and Joyce Collins was winning Best Puppy in Breed at National Gundog - well done all ! Photo shows how promising she is, yet still very much a baby.

Candyke Lady Oh,by Charbonnel Life n Times.



Really thrilled to hear today that our beautiful Lulu,Charbonnel Pinny 'n' Pearls, is the cocker spaniel half way leader in the Dog World Top Brood Bitch competition ....her progeny include C.Life'n'Times,Ermine'n'Pearls,Law'n'Order,Show'n'Tell, Blue'n'Yellow,Hide'n'Chic, Thelma'n'Louise and Hop'n'Skip...


I heard that Ch.Charbonnel Blue 'n' Yellow belonging to Theres and Borge in Sweden won Best of Breed and the CACIB at Bremen recently under Petr Studenik ...thank you to Emily Baroutsaki for this lovely photo :

Billy at Bremen



Timmy continued his winning streak by winning Best in Show today at the North Midland and Eastern Counties Open Show under Michele Lockwood (Chimewood) .Little Alice,still very much a baby,was placed reserve in Minor Puppy bitch and enjoyed herself immensely.Well done to the principal winners and all my friends and Charbonnel owners,who helped to make the show so much fun and lifted my mood just with their presence.Below is the BIS line-up..........

Timmy winning Best in Show

CHARBONNEL LIFE'N'TIMES (centre) Best in Show ,with judge Michele Lockwood.



Some really gratifying news from Monica in Sweden today....both Paddy -CHARBONNEL WARPAINT- and Johnny- CHARBONNEL MANACAS DESIGN- have passed the first part of their 3-part tracking test,both with flying colours ! Indeed Monica says that Paddy is the most natural dog in the woods that she has ever had the pleasure of working with.Neither dog has received any formal training at all before the test,so to say I am proud is an understatement !

Here below are both boys in their 'show clothes' :







One of the 'important' days in the calendar for cocker spaniel enthusiasts,the Cocker Spaniel Club championship show today....

Always a special atmosphere,but today a very sad and poignant day for me.The dogs did their best to lift my spirits ,and I was VERY proud of their achievements,and those of our dogs progeny. CHARBONNEL LIFE'n'TIMES won his class and was the only particolour dog shortlisted in the final 4 dogs by judge Mr.Phillip Young,so I think it is safe to say that he deemed him to be the best parti-colour dog on the day.SH.CH.CHARBONNEL DREAM DESIGN also won her class and was shortlisted to the final 8 .Our CHARBONNEL DAYDREAM was having her first outing of her young life,and acquitted herself well by being short-listed in a huge class of 24 minor puppy bitches.She behaved incredibly well,and as can be seen from the photos below,she REALLY enjoyed herself......

Huge congrats must go to Michael Parkinson and Brian Dillon who won the RCC in males and Best Puppy with their SWEDISH DESIGN son Dillonpark Pellegrino,and to Lin and George Parker who won Best Puppy bitch with THEIR Desi-sired puppy bitch Weyhill Isabella. A proud moment to see them competing for Best Puppy....

Congrats to Tina for winning a strong Limit class with Lacey and to Joyce and Mark Collins for their 2nds with their two LIFE'n'TIMES puppies,also to Jane for her class win with Tony's daughter Cherry Pie,to Tracey and Jeff for Noah's 3rd,to Pat who had a 4th in Minor limit with Lulu- CHARBONNEL THELMA'n'LOUISE at MEAKWOOD and to Teresa and Tammy for their placings with CHARBONNEL FIRST DESIGN AT BRACKENJACK and Kalispell Sunday Girl,a Tony daughter. Well done to anyone else who I may have inadvertantly left out....

Full results here

Alice Alice

CHARBONNEL DAYDREAM (photos kindly taken by Marion Sweeney L.R.P.S.)

Little beauty !!

DAYDREAM - Aka 'Alice' - illustrating what a SQUARE cocker looks like !! ..... photo by me. 

My beautiful Sonja... Lisa


                                                               (photos kindly taken by Shel Cowles)                                                                              


My kennel was well-represented at the World Dog show in Paris this weekend,with success for numerous cockers by our dogs or bred by us.Congratulations especially to Nathalie and CHARBONNEL POPSICLE for their 3rd Excellent in Open Bitch in a class of 17,and for her placings with her SWEDISH DESIGN youngsters and to Danielle and Patrice with Weeping Willows Crackerjack,a lovely son of CH.CHARBONNEL DESERT GOLD, who won the WORLD WINNER title !!! Really pleased for you all.....

Meanwhile at East of England Mike won 2 classes under Tom Graham with CHARBONNEL ERMINE'n'PEARLS who we own in partnership,Shel and Jane won a 2nd and a 3rd with CHARBONNEL SHOW'n'TELL and Tina had to be content with a reserve with CHARBONNEL HIDE'n'CHIC WITH CACHEL (thats dog showing for you !!) Progeny of our blue boys featured well too,so I am very proud.....


News hot off the press....Tina Beswick's blue bitch CHARBONNEL HIDE 'n' CHIC with CACHEL has won the CC and Best of Breed at Windsor Championship show under Julian Barney today !!!! .This is her 2nd CC,I hope her 3rd and crown is not too far away for Lacey and her sporting owner !!

Lacey winning her 2nd CC

Congratulations also to Jane and Shel Cowles with Lacey's half-sister Neala - CHARBONNEL SHOW 'N' TELL at SHENJELA - who was 3rd in Junior and so Qualified for Crufts 2012...!!


Very proud of our Timmy today when he won his second Reserve CC under Mr.Frank Borg of Malta at Blackpool championship show. Mike won 2nd in a good Junior class with Lisa too, and the winners of Minor Puppy bitch and Puppy dog were both sired by our Sh.Ch.Charbonnel Swedish Design. 


A good day today at Border Union for the little blue bitch who I own in partnership with Mike Wildman - Charbonnel Ermine'n'Pearls - Lisa- who won Maiden bitch under judge Joan Glennerster and in doing so won more than enough points to gain her Junior Warrant.Mike had her looking immaculate as always !




Very proud of our Timmy,Charbonnel Life'n'Times JW, today when he won Best in Show at West of England Cocker Spaniel Club under judge Mr.Ted Jones 'Caron'.

Thank you to Andrew Jones for the photo (Timmy on the left ) :


Timmy winning another Best in Show...



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