It's In The Genes....!!!!

This photo above is of my great grandparents William and Mary Knowles.  William was a gamekeeper in North Wales and he was devoted to his dogs - always wondered where that gene came from !!

My mother ,who gave me the original photo which I have had restored, does not recall these particular dogs, ( well before her time I would think !!!)but the obvious admiration of the black labrador for his master shows that the devotion was reciprocated ( I'm guessing at labrador - the ears are difficult to see ,and not sure if flat-coats were common in Wales in the  late 1800's / early 1900's ?) I think the springer has a wonderful head with good strong muzzle and seems to have a better ear set for a working springer than seems to be the case nowadays.

Front pasterns don't look brilliant, but if these are working dogs they would have to be strong enough to carry out a days work, so function before beauty is what matters.
I wonder what William and Mary would have said if they had been told that in about a hundred years time their image could be seen by thousands of people all over the world at just the touch of a few buttons , and that their great-granddaughter would love dogs just as much as they obviously did. How I wish I was clever enough to train my dogs to the gun....


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